mini FAQ

The page provides a simple and quick reference of using Paros, as well as answers to some common questions. 

Paros Installation

  • Java version
    • Before installing Paros, you should have Java version 1.4 or above installed.
  • Browser setting
    • Set your HTTP

Installation Steps

1. Ensure Java Run Time Enviroment (JRE) 1.4 (or above) was installed. If not, goto to download and install it.

2. Download the Paros program file from our website.

3(a). For Windows version, just follow the instructions in the …

Features in Paros v3.2.0Alpha

Paros v3.2.0Alpha was released on 10 Nov 2004.

–    Almost 90% completely rewrite of all codes!!!

–    Improved connectivity.  Better HTTP/1.1 keep alive support.

–    Improved authentication support
    .    support proxy authentication.  Basic and NTLM should be supported.